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  • Participate weekly group run at any club locations
  • Attend workshops & socials hosted by LaPower Running Club
  • Access to exclusive team discount codes for local running races
  • Privileged to participate in operation and read financial reports
  • Eligible to vote in council elections or to be elected into the council

(Lapower reserves the right to change membership polices and terms.)

  • 正式会员拥有参与俱乐部组织的训练、讲座和其它活动的优先权;
  • 俱乐部奖励和折扣优惠将优先开放给正式会员;
  • 正式会员对俱乐部的运营及财务状况有知情权和监督权;
  • 正式会员将拥有俱乐部理事会成员的选举权和被选举权;


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